Elite Institutions to Accept Six Nominees for Membership

Elite Institutions to Accept Six Nominees for MembershipThe Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Engineering nominated six Shenzhen residents for membership in the two elite institutions in the Chinese science and technology world.

When the six nominated men are admitted successfully, it will be marking a milestone in the history of Shenzhen scientists. Although these nominated residents are not Shenzhen natives they have been living and working in the city for a long time.

37 year old president and CEO of the BGI a Shenzhen based genome sequencing institution Wang Jun is the youngest of the candidates to be nominated for the Chinese Academy of Science. Even with such a young age he won international acclaim in genome sequencing circles and in 1999 entered that field with a Human Genome Project. Wang is the only Chinese person to be featured in the British magazine Nature’s recent list of leading scientists in 2012. He also published around 67 articles in to leading academic magazines.

Li Jingzhen a professor that specializes in optical engineering at the Shenzhen University is also another nominee of the Chinese Academy of Science was nominated twice, once in 2007 and in 2011. A recipient for special allowances from the State Council, his creations were breakthrough inventions that have cutting edge technologies.

The Chinese Academy of Engineering choose the remaining four candidates namely Chen Xiangsheng a winner of the Zhan Tianyou Award from the China Civil Engineering Society for projects including the Metro Complex in Luohu. Guo Renzhong who edited the first local atlas that was based on units of subdistricts was nominated three times. Meng Jianmin a prize winning designer who designed the Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint building and the Shenzhen Binhai Hospital and Fu Xueyi a structural engineering expert known for designing landmark buildings such as the Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House and Shenzhen Press Tower.

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