Transport Commission Installs Glass Breaking Devices on Local Buses

Transport Commission Installs Glass Breaking Devices on Local BusesThe city transport commission installed devices on local buses and long distance buses that can be used in breaking the window panes in emergency situations. Drivers simply press a button to break windows is emergency routes are needed.

And because the breaking device and window pane glass is expensive the commission initially installed it on 30 vehicles and said that the device effectiveness will be further assessed before it will be added to more buses. The implementation of the device comes after the adding of safety hammers and fire extinguishers to buses.

Transport commission is requiring bus companies and other transportation related enterprises to launch a three month inspection on all vehicles to eliminate hidden hazards and to ensure passenger safety. The commission will also be requiring that emergency doors are intact and have manual controls in case the automatic system malfunction. Transportation companies with vehicles causing traffic accidents and involves fatalities or has two major accidents within six months will have their production stop and is disqualified in starting a new business route for the next three years. Tourism companies violating the new standards will not be allowed to purchase new buses for three years as well.

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