Carrefour Sets Up Mini Laboratories in Stores for Food Safety Tests

Carrefour Sets Up Mini Laboratories in Stores for Food Safety TestsRetail giant Carrefour set up mini laboratories in its eight stores in Shenzhen to show customers regularly free food safety test services. This is done in the efforts to build consumer confidence that was destroyed by a series of food safety scandals in China.

The mini laboratory can quickly test of up to 11 kinds of residues in food ranging from pesticide residue in vegetables, clenbuterol in pork and nitrate in pickles. The laboratories will operate every first Tuesday of each month. Test results can be given in a few minutes or up to half an an hour depending on the test that was taken. The retail store will also offer free testing strips to customers who wants to do testing on their own at home.

Carrefour also said that they conduct sample test on food every morning before placing them on the store shelves, and is also asking third party inspectors such as the China Certification and Inspection Group and the SGS to come and conduct quarterly inspection in all of their stores. In 2004 Carrefour created a food safety fund and spends around 4 million yuan a year to further promote food safety among the Chinese people.

Along with Carrefour, Wal-Mart the world largest retailer will be spending 100 million yuan to help strengthen the food safety management in their stores. The fund will be used in the span of three years to enhance supply chain management, expand food inspection and increase supplier training.

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  1. I am not convinced that this is more than marketing. If one goes through their rack, u can see expired food.
    Food that has been exposed to temperatures, like packed cheese that is partly molten, deformed chocolate.

    Carrefour should look into their own handling as well, not only their suppliers. I have taken pictures of those mishandled foods in their store, sadly don’t know how, or can’t post them here.

  2. I suggest they CLEAN UP THEIR TOILETS ALSO….Disgusting.

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