Trial for Vehicle Restrictions to Start Tomorrow

Trial for Vehicle Restrictions to Start TomorrowStarting tomorrow until Sunday, Shenzhen traffic police will be testing the new restrictions for vehicles traveling to Dapeng New Area that is based on license plate numbers  the restrictions will be implemented 8 am Saturday until 6 pm Sunday.

Tomorrow, all Shenzhen registered vehicles with license plates ending in odd numbers are allowed to travel to Nan’ao and Dapeng sub districts and on Sunday vehicles with even number plates including zero are allowed to travel to the sub districts. Odd numbered plates are banned on Sunday and even number plates area banned Saturday. No fines will be implemented during the trial period. After the trial period police will be making the final plan which will be based on the results then it will be submitted to city officials for a final decision on whether to push through with the restrictions on upcoming weekends and holidays during the summer and for future summers.

The restriction plan asked for public feedback during spring which resulted to 60 percent of residents opposing to the idea. The road system of Dapeng is about 162 kilometers in total and is underdeveloped with only a four lane expressway that linked the peninsula to the rest of the city.

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  1. I was there on Saturday and I could not find from which point on the road it is not allowed to go anymore if you do not have the right number.
    There is very poor information on that restriction even for chinese reading people. I could not find anyone so far that could tell me, not even the local people….
    This is a general comment to SZ gov infos, not clear enough and never in English. Each time a new rule comes into place you hear it only from friends that got the fine or even got to jail like for the alcool restriction when iot came.
    Shenzhen Standard as well is not giving enough infos: there is always missing in your posts a link to your sources where we could go look further. In that case which governement web page is describing the rule precisely? This is a minimum for me.

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