White Horse Laboratories Weeks 21-22 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Weeks 21-22 Counterfeit Detection ReportElectrical Testing continued to decline, reaching four consecutive weeks of dropping yields, falling to 59% in Week 21 and again to 53% in Week 22, ending at a 56% average for the period. Down from 68% average over Weeks 19 and 20. High failure levels, of course, indicate previously used devices or those are suspected or verified to be counterfeit.

Once again, we identified 15 different devices which had a high failure rate in Electrical Testing.

Inspection fared little better, reaching its third straight week of declining yields, falling to 65% in Week 21 and again to 61% in Week 22, averaging just 63% for the period after posting a 79% in the previous period over Weeks 19 and 20.

Inspection Accept 63%  Electrical Testing Pass 56%

Weeks 21-22 Quality Report Substandard Part Listing

ST Microelectronics M48T129V-85PM1 (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 8% Failure Rate - Program & read verify error.

Microsemi APT8056BVR (Date Code 0603) - 53% Failure Rate – High Rds(on).

Intersil CP80C88-2 (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 6% Failure Rate - Shorted pins and bad protective diodes.

Intersil  HA3-5002-5 (Date Code 0729) -100% Failure Rate - Low output, input clamping and over heating.

Xilinx XC95108-20PC84C (Date Code 0819) – 31% Failure Rate - Program error and wrong ID or no output.

ON Semiconductor MJH11020 (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 69% Failure Rate - Low BVdss.

Freescale MC705C8ACPE (Date Code 1247) – 91% Failure Rate - Parts are previously programmed.

NEC 2SA1009-AZ (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 100% Failure Rate – High Vce(sat).

Maxim DS17287-5+ (Date Code 1206) – 10% Failure Rate – Program & verify error and Non-Volatile functionality.

Samsung  KS82C52-8CP (Date Codes 0539, 0533, 0505) - 10% failure rate -  Bad protective diodes.

Altera EP4CE6F17C8N (Date Code 1301) – 100% Failure Rate – Program error.

Infineon CF739 (Date Code not marked or labeled) - 58% Failure Rate - Low Idss and gate-source open.

Atmel ATMEGA64L-8MU (Date Code 1243) – 100% Failure Rate – Blank check error.

Cypress CY7C4275V-10ASC (Date Code 0418) – 52% Failure Rate – Open/shorted pins and bad protection diodes.

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