White Horse Laboratories Weeks 23-24 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Weeks 23-24 Counterfeit Detection ReportElectrical Testing continued its slow and steady decline, dropping to its third lowest count for the year at 51% in Week 24, despite an upward blip to 55% in Week 23, averaging 53% for the period, down from the prior period’s 56%.

Eight different devices which had a high failure rate in Electrical Testing, and two of those had a 100% failure rate.

Inspection results had a significantly better period, reaching up to 79% in Week 23 before crashing back down to 58% in Week 24, averaging 69% for the period. That is 6 points up from the previous period, but bitter-sweet with the high and low extremes.

Inspection Accept 69% Electrical Testing Pass 53%

Weeks 23-24 Quality Report Substandard Part Listing

STMicroelectronics STW18NK80Z(Date Code 219) – 100% Failure Rate - High Rds(on).

Microsemi JAN2N2326 (Date Code 516) - 12% Failure Rate – High Idrm and Irrm.

Panasonic DS4E-S-DC24V (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 64% Failure Rate - Low coil resistance.

Vishay 2N5564 (Date Code not marked or labeled) -100% Failure Rate - The devices are not JFET pairs and there is an extra diode between pins 3 and 1 and also between pins 4 and 6.

Xilinx XC2S300E-6FTG256C (Date Code 1108) – 17% Failure Rate - Program error.

Atmel AT29C020-90PC (Date Codes 0429 and 0441) – 13% Failure Rate - ID check, program verify error and poor contact pins.

Ali M6117D (Date Codes 0703, 0711, 0725 and 0737) – 7% Failure Rate – Open, shorted pins and bad protective diodes.

Atmel AT24C08BN-SH-T (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 14% Failure Rate - Program & verify error.

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