Traffic Police Successfully Solved 90 Percent of Traffic Cases

Traffic Police Successfully Solved 90 Percent of Traffic CasesFor the first half of this year, the Shenzhen traffic police have solved 90 percent of all hit and run cases. Most of the hit and run drivers escape because their vehicles are not covered by any insurance or were under the influence of alcohol before driving.

80 percent of the 25 hit and run cases that caused fatalities usually happened at night and were solved using hi tech road cameras. The police were able to catch a drunk driver who hit a cyclist on Nigang Road West early morning on camera after he fled the accident site after the incident. Traffic police analyzed the video captured by the cameras and were able to identify the driver and catch him.

Traffic police said that drinking can cause drivers to think less rationally and that’s when accidents happen. Also drivers that owns vehicles outside of Shenzhen are the ones who likely to flee the scene of the accident. Residents who help in solving hit and run cases by providing clues were awarded and in the first half of the year more than 74,000 yuan were given to residents as rewards.

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