China to Implement Coal Burning Restrictions to Control Air Pollution

China to Implement Coal Burning Restrictions to Control AIr PollutionA pilot coal burning restriction will be implemented by China in areas near the Pearl River Delta in the efforts to control air pollution. The planned restriction will further enhance controls of emission of major pollutants.

Based on the statistics made by the National Development and Reform Commission said that the energy consumption per unit of GDP was set to fall over 3.7 percent, but several regions have seen heavy pollution since the beginning of the year which affected around 600 million people. The new scheme will have 11 approved controlling measures ranging from optimizing industry structure, reducing emission of major pollutants, promote energy conservation, accelerate the implementation of large projects and develop a recycling economy.

Along with these new measure a series of economic policies are created to save energy and reduce emissions these policies will also pay attention to any price adjustments of refined oil products and natural gas, water and gas, a forward tiered price for household use of electricity an a tougher pricing policy on non household water use.

The restriction and schemes will not be done on the Pearl River Delta alone bu twill be expanded to cover Tianjing, Beijing, and Hebei.

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