Traffic Police to be Assigned at Stations Near Intersections to Help Control Traffic

Traffic Police to be Assigned at Stations Near Intersections to Help Control TrafficThe city traffic police will be setting up 152 duty stations at major intersections and road sections that are usually congested during rush hours, weekends and holidays. Starting today police officers will be placed on duty at these stations especially those found near Metro projects and road work were heavy traffic is seen. Traffic police also promised to arrive at accident scenes within five minutes on major roads and 10 minutes on local expressways.

Vehicles that are involved in minor accidents will be towed within five minutes after the arrival of police officers. Traffic police will not vacate these duty posts unless traffic improves in their area of responsibility. Along with the duty stations are eight measures to help improve traffic by placing traffic enforcers with designated responsibilities at designated periods. Tow trucks will be at the ready in each duty stations to quickly clear roads after accidents.

Traffic improvement plans at each duty stations and will promote a zipper style of merging into roads so drivers in different lanes will be taking turns to help avoid severe congestion on one lane. Drivers who don’t cooperate in handling minor accidents will be subjected to fines for causing traffic.

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