Global Flying Hospitals Re-Invents with Mobile Hospitals

Global Flying Hospitals Re-Invents with Mobile HospitalsGlobal Flying Hospitals (GFH) has taken steps to re-invent its operations, in order to create a far more effective working model in humanitarian medical care and training. The organisation has been featured in Macau media since 2009, when it incorporated as Global Flying Hospitals (Macau) Association.  Intentions were to operate a Boeing 747 Training Hospital to developing countries and to create its Asia Hub and Head Office in Macau.

GFH has since moved away from the Boeing, to a new paradigm of high-tech, 21st Century mobile hospitals, transported inside Hercules C130 and L100 type cargo aircraft.

The GFH Board examined all the operational and cost limitations with the Boeing, in order to develop a ‘Best Practice’ and lessen the toll on donors, sponsors and supporters’ funds. Wide-body large jets have become restrictive in their escalating costs since GFH was first established, which is compounded by the jet’s operational limitations and effectiveness for humanitarian work.

Such heavy jets can only reach a handful of major city airports in developing countries, whereas the Hercules type aircraft can access cities, towns and villages in a myriad of situations. In the Asia region alone only 35 or so airports can accommodate the large jets. Crowd control of patients accessing through airport security is another serious challenge. Hercules aircraft can operate into some 2,000 airports, small landing strips and unprepared landing zones in the same region.

The new GFH model is a vision for the future.  It marries manufacturers of specialized mobile hospitals with the Hercules aircraft. These manufacturers have normally only created hospitals for road transport.

GFH has formed an Alliance Partnership with Odulair, one of the world’s leading manufacturers, to design and develop sterile, surgical hospitals that are off-loadable and expandable at the touch of a button.  These contain the most modern medical equipment available.  This new GFH system will generate far more effectiveness in providing medical care to suffering people in developing countries.

The aim of GFH is to be the world’s medical aviation fleet, quickly reaching disaster areas, while simultaneously maintaining medical missions, training and assistance worlwide.  www.GFH-Asia.org

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