Dutch Graduating Dentists do Internship in Shenzhen on “Love Your Teeth Day”

Dutch Graduating Dentists do Internship in Shenzhen on “Love Your Teeth Day”Mr Anne Nijhof and Ms Marit Klinkhamer from The Netherlands arrived in Hong Kong on the 25th July to take up a 4 month internship with Shenzhen’s premier dentist Dr Zac Morse. This is the first time Dr Zac has taken on interns in China and did so after hearing how Marit and Anne impressed one of Dr Zac’s former students he taught when he was an Associate Professor at the Fiji School of Medicine in The Fiji Islands.

I was lucky enough to meet Anne and Marit in Dental Bauhinia near Coco Park, Futian when attending my regular examinations and cleans. I have to say this dental surgery is the most impressive clinic I have come across ever, in Asia or the UK and I look forward to having my baby girl have her first check up there.

It was nice to talk to Marit and Anne and find out their impressions of China and in particular Shenzhen. I know from experience China can be a daunting place but Marit and Anne were lucky enough to be in safe hands with the Dental Bauhinia team and their impressions so far have been very positive as they described Shenzhen as a big, modern metropolis, with a vibrant young population with a distinct western influence.

Anne and Marit hope to learn how dentistry works in China and I am sure as they do out-reach at schools which Dr Zac encourages, they will see many problems as Chinese kids aren’t exposed to great dental hygiene practices, hopefully with the help of Marit, Anne and Dr Zac’s team this will change in Shenzhen and we will see more children with gleaming white smiles.

Friday, 20th September is nationally recognized as LOVE YOUR TEETH DAY in China.  Since 1989 public health campaigns have been carried out on “Love Teeth Day” every year in China.  They aim to increase people’s awareness of oral health and promote community involvement in oral health education.

After their internship and this amazing adventure comes to an end Anne and Marit will return to Holland to their graduations and then start dentistry for real and this experience will certainly stand them in good stead.

Nobody else to my knowledge is offering private dentistry internships in China and certainly to foreign students which makes Dental Bauhinia stand out in a city of innovation and fast growth.

So far Anne and Marit have experienced the delightful street food of Bai shi zhou, the wonderful architecture of OCT and the construction of Coco Park. In coming weeks they hope to explore further afield and visit stunning sites such as the Great Wall and leave for Holland with this wonderful culture engraved in their memories for years to come.

Dr Zac Morse can be contacted at Dental Bauhinia

Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce Building,

Block B, 9/F, 138 First Fuhua Road,Futian, Shenzhen

24 hrs ☏ 13670038844

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