The Best Open Mic and Jam Nights in Shenzhen by PAC

Most bands and bars in Shenzhen usually assigns one day a week for a special activity dedicated to upcoming musicians and those who are experienced and well honed but do not perform anymore as a profession. These days are known to most as the Open Mic or Jam Nights which has been an integral part of Shenzhen’s live music community.

Live music venue bars in Shenzhen  usually has one band at least as an in-house performer. Others, have musical performances only on weekends, but almost all give way to Open Mic or Jam Nights. At some bars, it’s not the whole night but just some parts of the evening when the band will allow people to go up on stage and perform while others dedicate a whole evening for guest performers.

Most members of Planet Art Council in the music arts are in-house bands at one bar or another. What’s nice about the member’s of PAC is that they give way to other performers who are just starting out or those who just miss their heydays of stage performances. No doubt, PAC hosts the best Open Mic Sessions and Jam Nights in Shenzhen.

In Shekou, Blu Bamboo has it’s Blues n Jam Night every Wednesday hosted by Kaktooz. Over at Nanshan, Mind the Gap hosts Jam Nights every Monday. In Futian, over at Mc Cawley’s, we have Harmony who welcomes jammers every Tuesday for their Open Mic Sessions. At Ghost Bar, owned by former Boston drummer Jim Mazdea, Open Jam occurs spontaneously, at times it’s just relaxed and simple but there’ll be days when you can witness true rock n roll star performance at it’s best with Jim and other members of PAC just floating away on an impromptu jam session. Although there is no dedicated day for open mic or jam at Terrace and Enigma, the band usually allows people to jam with them on their last set. Acoustic jams also happen at Miami Bar, an after-party party place. We also have the Village Bar which hosts a music festival from time to time which is another Open Jam event.

PAC members support the jammers, not compete. Wherever you go, as long as PAC members host an Open Mic or a Jam Night, you’ll know you’ll be able to go home with a fulfillment that only a musical stage performance can give. Shenzhen’s live music scene would not be as vibrant as it is without these Open Mic and Jam Nights.

If you are new or visiting Shenzhen and would like to sing or jam, just contact us and we’ll refer a bar and band to you depending on your schedule.


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