Beijing Covered with Heavy Smog as National Day Holiday Ends

Beijing Covered with Heavy Smog as National Day Holiday EndsDuring the last few days of the National Day holidayHeavy Smogs Beijing was covered with the heaviest smog in months as cold air pushed the smog southward going to central and in southern parts of North China, which prompted the Meteorological Center to issue smog warning in the region.

The pollution reduced the visibility and caused heavy congestion on expressways and has also caused delay in flights. The high haze was blamed on the high humidity and the lack of wind in the area. A spokesperson for the meteorological center said that the size of the city and because it’s surrounded on its three sides by mountains also have made it harder for pollutants to disperse.

In the past few years Beijing have been hit by severe smog and for the month of September the city had 14 smoggy days which is 10 more than the average compared to the same period for the past 20 years. Emission from cars are said to be one of the major cause of the pollutants that contributes to the smog. Coal consumption from neighboring regions and dust from construction also contributes to the haze.

To handle the pollution that are caused by vehicles the government is planning to collect fees from all heavy polluting vehicle owners instead of giving out subsidies in line of phasing out these type of vehicles. Some are questioning the issuance of these subsidies to those heavy polluters stating that the fees collected is against the concept of giving responsibility to those causing the pollution to clean up for environmental protection.

A recent survey showed that there are more than 15 million yellow labeled vehicles that failed to meet the phase 1 emission standard will be taken off roads nationwide by 2017 based on the Airborne Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan for 2013 to 2017. The pollutants emitted by a yellow labeled vehicle are equal to 28 vehicles that meet the phase 4 emission standards.

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