Plans to Further Scrap Decommissioned Border Facilities to be Pushed

Plans to Further Scrap Decommissioned Border Facilities to be PushedLocal deputies of the National People’s Congress are now urging better work efficiency by dismantling decommissioned border line used in demarcate the special economic zone. Proposal to scrap the facilities along the border were also raised by the seven deputies in Shenzhen.

Zhang Yubiao the lead sponsor for the proposal stated that there is already progress being made in the dismantling work but there are still several significant tasks remaining. He also said that hopefully that scrapping of the remaining facilities along the border will not take too long and will not change the residents mind. The scrapping still remains the top topic in the agenda and its said take longer to eliminate the psychological border among its residents.

The city has a 84 kilometer border running throughout he city that is being used in the demarcating of the special economic zone and the border have been responsible for the division of industrial, urban development and traffic. Also different regulations and laws have been adopted in the areas and is hindering the economic and social development of the city. in 2010 the Central Government policy was implemented that stated the Special Economic Zone in Shenzhen will be extended across that whole city and will cover Longgang and Bao’an districts without the scrapping of the its border facilities

But problems arise after the plan was implemented, and during sessions of the National People’s Congress in 2013 city deputies raised a proposal to scrap the border. Last year the Meilin checkpoint was dismantled along with speed bumps at 12 other checkpoints. Although traffic congestion still happens near the Meiling checkpoint but it much lighter compared to before. Traffic at other checkpoints are now smoother compared before speed bumps were removed.

The Guangdong Provincial Government is also planning a proposal to scrap the border has already been submitted for approval by the Central Government.

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