Rescuers Search for Plane’s Black Box before Batteries Run Out

Rescuers Search for Plane's Black Box before Batteries Run OutAfter waiting confirmation on the reports of the Malaysian Airline flight 370 went down into the southern Indian Ocean, search and rescue operations are racing against time to find the plane’s black boxes before its battery runs out as its will serve as a crucial key in solving the mystery of how and why the plane went missing.

Bay on study these boxes are able to send out signals for 30 days after a crash, but experts are saying that they can continue sending out pings for another 15 days or more depending on the strength of its batteries during the time that it crashed. Without black boxes, the name the voice and data recorders are commonly called are attached to the fuselage and without recovering the boxes it is impossible for investigators to say what really caused the problem. Malaysian authorities are saying that a British satellite company has shown the jet’s last position in the Indian Ocean wherein countries involved in the search have reported seeing debris.

Experts in ocean currents and weather patterns are giving searchers the best estimate on where that plane actually went down and where the black boxes are located. If lucky there is enough time to hear the black box pinger while it’s still working. To help locate the signal a high tech listening device will be used on loan from the U.S. Navy.

The locator is a 76 centimeter long cylinder type of microphone that will be towed slowly underwater in a grid pattern behind a commercial ship. The device will be able to hear any ping that the black box will be emitting on a average of 1.6 kilometers away.  Beside from the U.S. Navy, a Australian support vessel the Ocean Shield is also expected to arrive and assist in the search and rescue efforts.

If the batteries of these black boxes run out before its located, searchers will then use side scan sonar via devices which will send out sounds and receive echo to help map the ocean floor. This will allow abnormalities in the seabed to be seen which is not normally be associated with the ocean.

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