High Tech Paper Items for Qingming Attract more Younger Customers

High Tech Paper Items for Qingming Attract more Younger CustomersThis year revenues from high tech products created from paper are booming in Guangzhou. The paper items ranging from smart phones, laptop computers, tablets and even wifi routers are now competing with other traditional offerings such as cars, money, cigarettes, cosmetics and wine for the Qingming Festival.

Also known as Tomb Sweeping Day is usually the time providers of funeral services to make money as relatives visit the tombs of their loved ones to burn paper offerings and light joss sticks. As of the moment the most sellable paper item is the iPad set which includes a router and charger is being sold for 20 yuan in a store in Guangziao Road the home of Guangxiao Temple which houses a number of stores that carries paper offerings for the deceased. Business was brisk of the past week as these new types of paper items attracted the younger customers.

The Chinese people believe that burning the products their ancestors can use the items during the festival, furthermore along with the high tech offerings other paper good are available in stores such as villas, cars and other traditional and luxury goods.

The prices of this paper items has also increase by 20 percent during the Qingming Festival due to the rising cost of raw materials and labor. This time also saw the increase in the prices of flowers by around 10 percent as well.

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