2014 Young Writer’s Award – Deadline Extended until Sunday May 18th

Deadline Extended for 2 days!

Due to multiple requests to allow students to work on their essays over the weekend – we have decided to extend the deadline until Sunday May 18th. We will accept essays on Sunday upto 12am (midnight). Those students who have already submitted and would like to change or edit their submissions may also do so upto the final deadline.

If you are changing your original submission – please use the exact same entry name and email address. We have time stamped all entries and thus will only process the one with the most recent time stamp.



Welcome to the 2014 Young Writer’s Award!

Shenzhen Standard is proud to present the 2014 Young Writer’s Award. This year we are opening the competition to all students from selected schools with recognized English curriculum or program. Our goal is to promote English learners to share their experiences through their acquired writing skills.  Currently we have collected over RMB 10,000 in awards from local businesses.

Anyone who is interested to sponsor or contribute in anyway to the 2014 Young Writer’s Award please contact mark.wong@shenzhenstandard.com.

This year’s participating schools are: ISNS, QSI, SIS, RIA, SAIS, YHC and SWIS.


Categories for Submission:

This year we are going to allow students to compete in 4 categories according to their age.  We will have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd top scored writings in each category, as well as the Reader’s Choice Award.







Students will pick from one of the following topics and submit the number of words according to their category.

Essay Topics:

A: Welcome to your world! What has been your best or favorite experience since arriving in Shenzhen, China?

B: Shenzhen is a city of many changes. What has been the biggest change you’ve experienced during your time in Shenzhen and how has it affected you?

Submission Dates May 5th -16th 2014:

Each student will submit their essay online as ShenzhenStandard.com between May 5th – May 16th.  A special area will be created and a simple form will allow each student to submit their essay and/or illustration to our admin staff. Our staff will collect all the essays and assign a unique “contest number” and at the same time remove any names or mention of your schools or other ID so that judges will never know the writer’s identity or their school during the judging process.  Our admin staff will ensure that each submission has met the word count requirements and any violations will be highlighted to the judging panel to decide if the essay will be removed from consideration.

Judging Panel:

A panel of judges consisting of one volunteer from each of the participating schools will read, rank and vote on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements for each category. Judges will have equal voting rights and in the case of even number of judges – we will invite a guest judge to join the panel so that we will always have an odd number.  At no time will any of the judges know the identity of any of the writers.

Judges will initially work independently to evaluate essay submissions, and then work cooperatively to distinguish the highest-scoring entries. Top entries will proceed to a second round of scoring and judging, as well as be available online for the “Readers Choice Award”. In evaluating the student writing, judges should consider the effectiveness of each entry and how well it matches the provided prompts. Judges should select submissions that reveal high achievement in writing for a student at the appropriate age and grade level.

Reader’s Choice Award:

The judging panel through their sorting process will create a pool of essays for each category that do not make it to the top 3. These essays are however strong runner ups and thus deserve public opinion. These essays will be presented to ShenzhenStandard readers who can then vote online and the essay with the most votes in each category will win the Reader’s Choice Award.

For more information on how to enter, which schools qualify and/or to volunteer to help promote the contest or to be a judge – please contact:  erin.kenealy@shenzhenstandard.com


  1. Free of cost for students and schools – no entry fee required
  2. Shenzhen Standard reserves First Rights on all submissions for the use on Shezhenstandard.com. All other rights to the essay remain the property of the author
  3. All entries must be original works, in English. Plagiarism, which includes the use of third-party prose, characters or another person’s ideas, without written permission or proper acknowledgment will result in disqualification
  4. Students must choose their topic from the two provided prompts about Shenzhen
  5. To be eligible, entries must not exceed the Category/Age Level word range
  6. Entries must be submitted in electronic format via our submission form at Shenzhenstandard.com (visit website for instructions of submission process)
  7. All entries must be submitted between May 5th – May 16th, 2014. Submission window closes at 22:00 and entries received after that time will not be considered
  8. Each student may submit only one essay per contest
  9. The decisions of the judges are entirely their own, and are final
  10. Winners will be notified prior to online publication
  11. All winners are asked to participate in an interview and photo process for online publication, with parent and school consent. Winners may decline if they choose.
Award Sponsors:
DaVinci Pizza
Five-Star Sports
UniGroup Relocation
Crystal Garden 6 Hotel
Dental Bauhina
Sim’s Bakery
Coast Times Relocation
Cafe Tazza
Easy Service China Visa
Roti Mum Cafe – Garden City Branch
Mikael Wallman Tennis Academy
The Banner Box




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