Barracuda Networks Joins Cloud Storage Wars with Copy app

20G Cloud Storage for Free with copy.com

Copy is a cloud backup service that is at start looks like a Dropbox clone but once you compare its offering you come to realize it is actually better in many ways.  It was launched in 2013 by Barracuda Networks, a large provider of security, data protection and backup solutions and is starting to spread among geeks and early adopters.

The idea of both services is the same – once you install their app for PC or Mac, you get a folder on your computer that is always synced to the cloud.  Any folder or file that you move into that folder gets automatically synced to the cloud.  This allows you to backup files, sync files between computers (your personal & home computer for example), between your computer & smartphone and also share files with others which is extremely useful when working as a team and having a need to constantly share files with each other without the hassle of emailing files as attachment.

Dropbox has been around for a while, it has millions of users and has created a fantastic service that I have been using for several years.  So how can Copy succeed in such a competitive space?   The answer is very simple – Copy is giving away plenty of free storage space for new signups – 15GB (vs. 2GB you get in Dropbox). In addition, for anyone that you refer to the service, both of you will earn an extra 5 GBs for completed referrals and there is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

Interested? Click this link to signup & get 20GB free space – 15GB plus 5GB since I will be your referrer.

After you are done signing up, make sure to:

  1. Verify your email address
  2. Download and install the Copy app (for PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Linux)

Only after completing these two steps you will get the 5GB bonus.

Although the services are very similar, there are still some pros and cons for Copy compared to Dropbox.


  • Free account size: 15GB vs. 2GB in the case of Dropbox.  Initially Copy started with 5GB but as soon as Google announced that Google Drive free space will be 15GB, Copy rushed to match it.
  • Referral program:  Copy gives 5GB for both you and the friend you refer with no limit (for a limited time).  Dropbox however, gives 500MB to you but nothing to your friend and it limits the bonus amount to 16GB (32 friends).
  • Fair Storage for all – instead of counting data in shared folders against all members’ individual storage quotas so everyone pays for the same data over and over, Copy allows users to “split the bill” and control which files count against their storage capacity.
  •  Sharing a folder over the internet is more secured.  In dropbox, when you share a link, you have no control if the link is being emailed to someone else.  With Copy, you can enter a specific user’s Copy username (an email address) and that would restrict access to the shared folder.
  •   Beautiful web interface that is much easier for viewing files on the web
  • For mobile designers Copy is better for viewing a screenshot on an iPad.  The image quality is better since Copy does not compress it like Dropbox and it also displays the screenshot in full view (without the iPad’s status bar)
  • Quicker sharing – you can share a link to a file from the app rather than being redirected to the website and sharing from there like Dropbox does
  • Caching – Copy allows caching of whole folders on mobile devices
  • Copy allows easy access to old versions of a file straight from a file’s contextual menu


  • The upload speed seems to be slower compared to Dropbox
  • There is no live preview of video files in the web interface
  • Copy for Mac is available only for OS 10.7+

Bottom line – Copy has done a fantastic job in launching a well designed, feature reach product that supports all platforms (Win, Mac, Linux) and Smartphones (iOS, Android).  To us, the users, the competition is a good thing as it will drive both Copy and Dropbox to improve overtime.  As for Copy, I’ve been using it for several months and have not experienced any glitches or outages. Highly recommended!

Click here to signup for free and get your 20GB free space.

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