The Judging Begins – 2014 Young Writer’s Award

With over 100+ entries and students across 7 international schools and advanced English programs, this is turning out to be the best year for participation. Now the hard work of the judges will begin. Each school has elected their representative to be part of our judging panel and this group is now charged with the following tasks.

1st Round – Shortlist of Top Ten (May 27th):

The first round will simply be for each judge to shortlist and select their top 10 entries for each category/age group (there are 4 in Categories in total). These top 10 entries are scored by each judge individually and anonymously (the other judges will not know which judge chose which top 10 entries). These top 10 entries are then recorded by SZS Admin staff who will then use the scores to create a pool of highest scoring 10 entries per category to be advanced to the 2nd round.

2nd Round – Ranking of Top 6 (Jun 9th):

In this round – the judges will see what the panel as a whole has selected to be the top 10 entries per category and it is now their job to shortlist further to only the top 6 noting that 3 from this final group will make it as 1st to 3rd place and the remaining 3 will be competing for the final placement – The Reader’s Choice Award (which will be based on votes via ShenzhenStandard.com). The judges will review and score the top 6 entries from this 2nd round and prepare to debate and defend their selections with comments and critiques.

3rd Round – Finalists (Jun 9th):

In this round – all the judges will meet face to face to debate and discuss who should be the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements. This is where the judges use their notes and critiques to support and defend their favorite entries. The judges will finalize the placements for 1st thru 3rd which will be announced on Jun 6th with the remaining non-placed entries submitted for Reader’s Choice Award. All placed winners will win respective prize packages as well as entered into a draw for the iPad Mini.

Reader’s Choice (RC) Award (Jun 9-20):

The remaining 3 entries that are NOT placed 1st thru 3rd by the judges will be entered into the Reader’s Choice Award. This means that 3 non-placed entries per category will be published on the ShenzhenStandard.com site for the public to vote. The voting will close on Jun 13 at 12am (midnight) and the winner of the Reader’s Choice Award is announced on Monday June 16th. Reader’s Choice (RC) winners (1 per category) will receive a prize package and also be entered into the iPad Mini Draw.

Finalists iPad Mini Draw (TBD – Around Jun 23rd):

The 1st, 2nd, 3d and RC winners per category will be entered into a draw. There are a total of 16 entries (4 per category). Thus the chance to win the iPad Mini is 1/16. The draw will be held and witnessed by the judges at a venue to be announced at a later date.

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