The Top 6 Entries for 2014 YWA Announced!




Many thanks to all of you who have been so patient with our long judging process. We are happy to announce that we have shortlisted the top 6 in each category and they are:

Name Primary School
Alex Huan What I Enjoy Most About Shenzhen, China QSI
Sasha Beggs Going to Shenzhen QSI
Zoe Mathelier The Beach QSI
Jia Bao Kim My Favorite Experience of Shenzhen, China QSI
Johnny Yang The Zoo QSI
Maho Kimura Playing with Friends in Shenzhen SIS
Name Elementary School
Maria Granata Foods in Shenzhen China QSI
Flynn Hamilton Munch! Crunch! China! RIA
Janice (Ji Hae) Kim Snow in Shenzhen QSI
Maylin Quinn My Favorite Experience since Arriving In Shenzhen QSI
Victor Lin Changes of my Home Town QSI
Benjamin Beggs My Shenzhen QSI
Name Middle School
Audrey Liang Subway Riding in Shenzhen SWIS
Renee Liu The Food Experience SWIS
Alisa Granata Homeless, But Not Heartless QSI
Iris Lee Moving into Surprise City SIS
Lara Li Magical Wei Chi SWIS
Jake Hamilton The Festival RIA
Name Secondary School
Lily Li The Search SIS
Jinny Kim Eating “Malatang” QSI
Kitty Gao Things Unseen QSI
Annie Sun Growing Up with the Metro Network SIS
Grace Lee My Life Would Have Been Different QSI
Bryan C. Tan Change ISNS 

The Process for the final judging tonight:

Judges from 5 of the participating schools gathered at QSI Sihai campus tonight to debate the essays. 4 of the 5 judges were present and the final 5th judge who could not make it was excused and would instead help us with tie-breakers. We had a few of those.

The judges started in the Primary Age group and worked upwards. In each group the judges chose the top 3 and told the other judges why the had chosen them. After a bit of debate – we voted by giving them points and where the top 1st, 2nd or 3rd were obvious the vote would stand. Where the difference between them were close – we would continue to debate until one or more of the judges changed their minds.

All the judges agree that the process was fair and eventually after 2 hours – we now know 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. We are going to wait to make sure all the judges have reviewed the winners and their scores before we announce on Wednesday June 11th.

Super Thanks to all the Judges in our Panel:

Susan Kim – SIS

Patrick Brennan – ISNSZ

Philippa Kirwan – SWIS

Debra Lavagnin – SAIS

Honey Varvel  - QSI

Thanks to DaVinci Pizza for sponsoring pizza and refreshments for tonight!

Important Dates:

Monday June 9th:  We will be announcing the name of the students who are part of the Top 6 at 9PM tonight.

Wednesday June 11th:  1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners will be announced by name!

Wednesday June 11th – Friday June 20th: Voting begins for the reader’s choice. The 3 entries that are not placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd will be published for reader’s to vote on ShenzhenStandard.com. We will have instructions on the website to let you know how to vote. One vote per registered email address only.

Monday June 23rd: The winner of the iPad Mini will be announced. One of the judges will pick the names from a hat – the names will be all the placed winners (16 names –  including the Reader’s Choice).

Good luck to everyone.


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