564: My Shenzhen

Entry Number:   564

Age Group:             Elementary                                            Word Count – 334

Title:                       My Shenzhen

I got onto the plane. I felt happy and was full of questions, but I was also nervous. What if everybody looked different than me?  Would I fit in? Would I like Chinese food? Would their McDonald’s be only for Chinese? (Though I noticed it would probably be public if it was a restraunt). Then the plane took off.

Before the plane took off, when I was just boarding the plane, I looked into the pilot’s cabin. There were so many buttons! The pilot happened to look behind him and he saw me. He invited me and my little sister Sasha in. He showed us all the buttons and told us what some of them did. He let Sasha and I pretend we were piloting the plane. Then he gave us pilot badges for “piloting” the plane so well.

When we got to Shenzhen, we caught a taxi. The driver took us to our house. When we got into our house, the first thing I noticed was our TV. It was much bigger than the one we had in the U.S.A. then I went onto the porch. I saw a nice bamboo stick growing out of a vase. I looked into the vase, and a frog jumped out of it right into my face! I shouted “ HAYAAA!” just like I was doing karate.  My family thought that was pretty funny.

Later in the year, we went to Happy Valley. The first ride I went on was the U.F.O. Then I went on a roller coaster. Then I went on a jumping frog ride. The “frogs” jumped up higher and higher and higher until they reached the top. Then they fell back down to the bottom. I went on that ride more than five times.

Going to Shenzhen was fun. I got to sit in the pilot’s cabin, made a new friend (which is a frog), got a nice, big apartment, and what I didn’t mention yet is I have a fun, new school!



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