842: My Favorite Experience since Arriving In Shenzhen

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Title:                       My Favorite Experience since Arriving In Shenzhen



My favorite experience since arriving in Shenzhen was when our teacher took us on a field trip to a café that is called Emily’s Café. We went there, because some of the students in our class had never tasted maple syrup before, but it was also because she wanted us to expand our schema. Your schema is basically what you know about something, or some place. Even though we all had to do some work, by filling in a worksheet, I still had the best time of my entire life.

Our teacher bought us all hot chocolate, and a big plate of circular pancakes. These were not just any normal pancakes; they were Scotch pancakes, all soft and sticky. There were only 2 pancakes on each plate, but they were pretty big, and they had lots of bananas and chocolate sauce on top. There was sticky, golden, maple syrup in a mini jug next to it to pour on to the pancakes if you wanted something extra sweet on top!

Everyone received their food after 30 minutes, and we all used some of the food to help us answer questions on the worksheets. For example, on our worksheet we had to touch, smell, taste, look at, and listen to our food. Surprisingly we even managed to test our hearing sense, by listening extra carefully to the pancakes which made a faint sizzling sound after coming off the hot pan. The hot chocolate tasted like real chocolate which had been melted with some added ingredients thrown in.

Soon we were all munching away happily on the pancakes (munching and then swallowing, until almost all the food was completely gone). Apparently every single one of the students had a sweet tooth. Then on our sense of touch worksheet, we all noted down words such as sticky, soft, and fluffy. The plate of pancakes was a delight to my eyes with all the lovely colors. I could actually smell the pancakes even before they arrived in front of me. The smell made me start to drool and made my tummy rumble. The food was delicious, but a lot of kids did not start eating their second pancake, so our teacher suggested giving the remaining pancakes to the old beggar in front of our school building.

After our fantastic field trip, we all walked back to school feeling great about the experience we had all just been through. We all felt we had definitely expanded our schemas. As for me, I’ve learned to look at cafés in a totally different way.




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