873: Growing Up with the Metro Network

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Title:                       Growing Up with the Metro Network


Shenzhen is a city of many changes. Metro Rail is the biggest change that I’ve experienced during my time in Shenzhen. It is the representation of the development of a metropolis. It grew along with me. The older I got, the more complex the metro network was. 2004, I was in Beijing. There was simply only two rails in Shenzhen that didn’t reach all ends of the urban area. 2007, I arrived in Shenzhen. The city began to make rapid expansion of the metro network. 2011, I was in 7th grade. All five lines of the metro network was officially open and in operation. It interlocked all the different administrative regions together as a whole. 2016, I will graduate from high school. Ten different metro lines are expected to open and be in operation, reaching every single corner of our city. The creation and improvement of Shenzhen Metro not only promotes urban growth and productivity but also enhances my life as an individual. This is because they are punctual, safe, and convenient.

As a student, time management is important to my life and the punctuality of the metro makes my life easier to plan. Unlike other types of transportation that are available, metro trains are not affected easily by outer factors. Whether it is the weather or road traffic, it does not get in the way of the metro from working. This will ensure that all of its passengers are brought to their individual destinations on time. Not only that, metro trains move in a fast speed with only two to three minutes per station. If a train is missed, the next one will come around in a few minutes which makes the life of each and every passenger very convenient. Due to my role as a student and the responsibility I hold as one, time is money and often I use the metro to go to different places for academic purpose. This specific type of transportation makes it easier for me to plan my schedule ahead of time and keep me from being late to any of the classes that I am attending. Although punctuality is one of the key points of the benefits of the metro system, safety also plays a significant role regarding to transportation.

As a teenager, safety is crucial part that especially young adults should look out for in a country where they might not know completely. For other transportations such as the taxi and bus, you may easily get lost or be taken to an unknowing place but with the metro it is far more international. All the stations are labeled in both English and Chinese, making it convenient for third cultural kids like me to get our way around the city. Furthermore, compared to other transportations, the metro have a high safety rate due to the advance train control and signaling systems that is used to ensure the safe distance between two separate trains. Not only that, the metro trains are created with non-flammable substances with fire protection systems, significantly decrease the percentage of a fire accident. Safety and punctuality are two symbolic benefits of the metro system and the list can be extended with the convenience of transportation.

As a person, I prefer a comfortable journey, and the metro system successfully initiates that by providing all the basic convenient facilities. All metro trains and stations are air-conditioned and kept clean and tidy. It ensures the comfortable level of its passenger on different weathers. Since passengers do not need to do any work in order for the transportation to operate, it provides passengers with a quiet environment for sleep, work, or homework. The environment of the metro system really benefits me with its level of quietness because it provides me the perfect environment to get some sleep or catch up with some work. All metro stations have multiple entrances and exits, making it easy for passengers to find the closet way out. Not only that, a huge percentage of metro stations are equipped with escalators and wide platforms to everything convenient. Furthermore, there are often shops selling books, magazines, snacks, cosmetics, and other products to meet the basic needs of each passenger. All these parts of the metro makes it convenient for me as a passenger to get around Shenzhen.

Since the day I arrived in Shenzhen in 2007 until now, there was a lot of changes to the city, with the metro network being the most significant one of it all. It enhanced my life as an individual and made my transportation more effective due to its punctuality, safety, and convenience. It made time management easier for me as a student. It increased the amount of safety and security for me as an international teenager. It initiated a comfortable journey for me as a person. The metro network grew up with me and will still be in development as I finish off my high school career.

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