572: Snow in Shenzhen

Entry Number:   572

Age Group:             Elementary                                            Word Count – 399

Title:                       Snow in Shenzhen


Seeing snow in Shenzhen will be an amazing and surprising miracle. The people in the whole world and I had never seen snow in this particular place called Shenzhen. Since it’s awfully hot in this place, in the winter only busts of wind can be found, but not even a speck of snowflake.

A miracle all started on a bright sunny morning. My dad drove my sister, mom and I with his perfectly shiny black car to a place called ‘ALPS’. You’ll probably be thinking about the place very cold and very far away from Shenzhen, but this ALPS is a very big building and with a brightly colored snow and ice world. When we got into the building, there was a desk, and behind it, there were shuffles of thick yellow coats, and pairs of snow boots. My family got coats with a pair of snow boots each. Then we got a big step into the door which led us to the whole new world. I glared at the whole place for a long time. Was I dreaming? Was I seeing snow in Shenzhen? I ran, took pictures, and played very happily in the snow for a while. Then I saw something that caught my eye. It was a glistening ice slide where you had to take a tube up the ice steps and ride down! Staring at the ice and to my sister, we winked at each other. Without any words, we moved our bodies to the top of the ice steps. My body scotched myself to the tip of the inclined plane and became buried in the white chocolate without noticing it. I imagined if I was riding on a roller coaster. As I pushed a big doughnut down the slide many times, I wanted some rest. So instead we went to view other terrific ice sculptures such as ice-castles and igloos. ‘This is a wonderful place to stay in’, I thought. As I thought and played, time was going too fast.

After having such a wonderful time, I had to admit that I was very tired even though I really wished we could stay longer in snow. The way back home in my dad’s car, I closed my eyes to think about how wonderful place I had been to now. I knew there was no better place than the snow and ice world in Shenzhen.



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