Traffic at Meilin Checkpoint Improves as New Passage Opens

Traffic at Meilin Checkpoint Improves as New Passage OpensThe morning rush hour in Meilin Checkpoint ended 20 minutes earlier that the previous Monday and 40 minutes earlier than the monthly average for August and September. The results came after vigorous monitoring from the Shenzhen police. This was also the first Monday after the opening of the Xincai Passage a new road that links Futian CBD to the Longhua New Area.a

Police say by 8:50 am there were no more traffic congestions or slow traffic on Meiguan Road and the rush hour ended by 9 am which is rare. Once the Xincai Passage was opened, traffic police was able to optimize the traffic at the intersection of the Caitian and Hongli Road along with the bus lanes in the northern section of Caitian Road that further eliminated congestion points.

Traffic police temporarily allowed vehicles to bring multiple passengers to enter the bus lanes near the northern section of Caitian Road and canceled the bus lanes in the intersection of Caitian and Hongli Road thus greatly improves the traffic in Caitain Road North. As the Xincai tunnel was opened traffic went a lot better as the passage was able to divert one third of the vehicles passing through Meilin Checkpoint.

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