Road Renovations to Help Improve Traffic at Meilin Checkpoint

Road Renovations to Help Improve Traffic at Meilin CheckpointRenovations on the section of Caitian Road between Meidong No. 2 Road and Beihuan Boulevard that bottlenecks the flow of vehicles that are passing through Meilin Checkpoint. The city transport commission regards this section as the new congestion point in Meilin Checkoint after the Xincai Passage was open connecting Longhua New Are with Futian CBD.

Furthermore the transport commission will be optimizing traffic lights at the checkpoint area and will promote the building of a rapid bus system near Caitian and Huanggang roads in hopes to increase road efficiency. Traffic police will also improve the rule of law and check for any violations to further reduce congestions.

After the opening of Xincai Passage, public transportation were given priority and at of the moment there are 16 bus routes operating along Xincai Passage without the need to go through Meilin Checkpoint plus around 13,000 residents are benefitting from public transportation. Also an additional 30 to 40 bus routes is also planned or to help divert traffic and use the passage which is expected to relieve traffic congestion even further at Meilin Checkpoint and more than 40,000 commuters will be benefiting from a newer and faster public transportation system.

 Xincai Passage opening has greatly improved the traffic at Meilin Checkpoint especially during rush hours. Drivers passing Xincai saves about 20 to 30 minutes during the morning rush hours where congestions occur have been cut into half down from one hour from two and queuing length have been reduced to 2 kilometers.

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