Dameisha Beach to Charge Entrance Fees to Limit Number of Visitors

Dameisha Beach to Charge Entrance Fees to Limit Number of VisitorsThe district government of Yantian is planning to charge an entrance fee for peak seasons in efforts to reduce the amount of visitors and protect the environment in Dameisha Beach. The water quality in Dameisha Beach recently failed test for three consecutive weeks in June as huge number is visitors has went to the beach.

The environmental authority has conducted water tests in Dameisha during June 3, 9 and 16 which were weekends and holidays and tested positive for fecal coliforms which is far off from the safe level therefore making the water unsafe for swimming. The increase in fecal contamination was due to the increase in the number of visitors coming to the beach. During the first three weekends in June the visitors in Dameisha exceed 100,000 and around 160,000 visited the beach during the Dragon Boat Festival that was held in June 1 and 2. Environmental authorities said that the pollution in Dameisha is not serious enough to cause any health problems but sensitive people should take care when going into the water.

Dameisha Park was opened in June of 1999 and covers 260,000 square meters and around 120,000 square meters of beach with a 1.2 kilometer coastline. The park was designed to hold a maximum of 30,000 people in a day, but regularly exceeds 100,000 visitors since 2003 and has reached a record high ten times that amount of people as it was redesigned to accommodate 320,000 in 2009.

Recent overcrowding has wreaked havoc on the natural resources and the environment in Dameisha and according to Yantian the cost of maintaining and management of the beach has already reached 25 million yuan a year. Meanwhile the district government has also started shorten the opening hours of the beach from 24 hours down to 19 hours a day and limited the number of visitors to 50,000 during peak seasons in 2009. But the expected effects of reducing visitors and protecting the environment were not achieved.

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