World Oral Health Day and QSI Careers Day Combine To Give The Children of Shekou An Unforgettable Learning Experience

Maybe you didn’t know but Friday 20th March was ‘World Oral Health Day’. Even less of you maybe knew the same day was QSI international school’s ‘Careers Day’.

Dr Zac Morse and his team from Dental Bauhinia joined a host of other volunteers from businesses in Shenzhen to hand out invaluable career advice to QSI’s students. I was lucky enough to be able to observe presentations by Dr Zac Morse and Dr Brian Ring.

Brian was up first to give a presentation about his career in genetic research. Brian works at the University of Huazhong in Wuhan and splits his time between there and his home in Shekou. Brian gave the students a demonstration on matter and the kids showed enthusiasm and knowledge as they answered questions on ‘states of matter’. Brian’s love for science started as a child tracking animals and their eating habits and he went on to have many different pets fueling his love for nature and science.

Brian’s career advice was clear and simple, ‘follow your dream’ and choose a path which can support you and your family. Combining these two should surely lead to a life of fulfillment and security.

Next up Dr Zac Morse a well known foreign dentist in Shenzhen shared his career path experiences which have led him to Dental Bauhinia here in our central business district of Futian. Zac studied for 6 years as a dental student in Adelaide and became dental school President showing his passion for dentistry and learning, striving to gain more knowledge. Zac was chosen as the Australian representative to deliver a speech at the Asia Pacific Dental Students Congress in Japan, a life-transforming experience and opportunity to showcase what he had been learning day and night for the previous 6 years. This trip opened Zac’s eyes to beauties and wonders of Asia and he promised himself he would return to Japan one day for more than just a short trip.

After leaving university Zac took his first job as the only dentist on the Indian Ocean island of ‘Christmas Island’. Another amazing experience looking after the entire population’s oral health.

Next Zac attended the University of Sydney for postgraduate studies in dental pain and anxiety control for two more years before fulfilling his promise of a return to Japan for advanced study and training as well as to carry out dental research. Zac can be very proud that he was the first Western dentist and the only Australian to achieve a clinical Doctorate degree in his >100 year old university.

All together Dr Zac did various dental studies for 13 years after high school; I wonder if there is a more qualified or skilled foreign dentist in the whole of China?

Zac’s dental career has since taken him on a long and winding journey through the South Pacific Islands to Hong Kong and finally China.

After introducing himself, Zac showed the students of QSI what a the various members of the dental team’s duties and responsibilities are and how modern dentistry has changed to the stage where now you can wear invisible “braces” to fix maligned teeth. Having worn a metal brace myself as a child I can say invisible braces are a massive step forward in terms of the effect metal braces have on a child’s self-confidence.

Zac isn’t just a well-qualified fantastic dentist he is also a caring person and he really believes in helping the local communities where he lives and works in.  This is why annual ‘World Oral Health Day’ and this year’s slogan ‘Smile for Life’ means so much to Zac and why after finishing his speeches at QSI Zac visited other local international schools to give oral health advice and check the teeth of numerous kids.

Zac’s Career Day advice to the students of QSI included to ‘never stop learning’, ‘strive to improve your standards’ and ‘continue to be a lifelong student’.

Well done to Zac, Brian and the other professionals of Shenzhen for giving their time to support Careers Day at QSI. I am sure the lives of the students have been influenced in a positive way and they will make a better career choice thanks to these efforts.

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