Non Hukou Residents Holders to Enjoy New Benefits

Non Hukou Residents Holders to Enjoy New BenefitsShenzhen residence card holders but does not hold a Shenzhen hukou will be able to enjoy a series of new benefits such as the right to apply for a driver’s license, travel permits to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, Passports subsidies in train in classes and several public services in the city. Before residents without a Shenzhen hukou are require to return to the place where their hukou was registered to get passports or apply for travel permits to Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau.

Based on the updated Shenzhen Residence Card Regulation that took effect today, these cardholders can now enjoy basic family planning service, subsidies for basic funeral services and prenatal health checks. Residents interested in applying for a new residence card must lived in the city and paid social insurance for 12 or 18 months over a two year period.

The applicants can apply at police stations and will get new residence cards within 15 working days. The residence cards must be endorsed every year and the holders must apply for an endorsement at least 60 days before the expiration date.

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