New Rules and Regulations that Took Effect in Helping Influence People’s Lives

New Rules and Regulations that Took Effect in Helping Influence People's LivesStarting yesterday several new regulations and policies were released that covered smoking, traffic controls, medicine prices and other items that help influence people’s lives.

First regulation was the implementation of the toughest smoking ban in Beijing showing the city’s determination in discouraging smoking using the new regulations that will ban smoking in restaurants, offices and public transport. The new regulations are welcomed by anti tobacco advocates that fought on having no smoking should be done in all public places, indoor workplaces and public transportation. People are also barred from smoking indoors or outdoors at kindergarten, schools, and children’s hospitals those caught will be subjected to fines of 50 to 200 yuan.

Another regulation was approved which is the off season fishing in the neighboring sea of Liaoning province, Bohai Sea, Huanghai Sea as prices of seafood is said to increase in many places. Medicine will have market set prices since the market plays a major role in deciding prices of medicines as the government changes it role from being a decision maker to supervisor. Introduction of competition might persuade pharmaceutical companies in lowering their prices. Plus the market must activate competition so consumers will get quality medicines at reasonable prices.

Customs duty on consumers good to fall as China will be cutting import tariffs rates this includes tariff on clothing, shoes, diapers and skin care with an average decrease of almost 50 percent. Diapers will see the largest fall with its rate down from 7.5 percent down to 2 percent. Short boots and sport shoes will attract a 12 percent customs duty instead of the 22 to 24 percent. Traffic controls does not apply to new energy vehicles Beijing especially during peak time traffic controls or the regular day off that is implemented once a week. This is based on current regulation until April of next year. The regulation defines electric vehicles as those equipped with chargeable battery as the only power source and driven by an electromotor.

Chengdu will allow the use of medical insurance card for physical fitness. Residents of the Southwest Sichuan province can pay for physical fitness exercises using their medical insurance cards accounts and personal cards are extended to pay for outpatient services for family members. Singapore extends tourist visa for Chinese nationals as a favorable visa policy to China which extends the multiple journey visa to ten years. The policy also permits spouses and children to enjoy the same rights as well.

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