Official Urges People to Help in Dissuading Smokers from Lighting Up in Public Places

Official Urges People to Help in Dissuading Smokers from Lighting Up in Public PlacesA official from the health commission told local business owners and residents during the 28th World No Tobacco Day that they should work together to further dissuade smokers from lighting cigarettes in public places and businesses. Foreigners can also lend a hand by setting examples and smoke in proper locations. According to Sun Meihua the head of the tobacco control office and deputy head of the health commission said that it affects everyone and hopefully encourage all residents to join them in building a smoke free city.

A year after the city enforced the smoking ban and non smokers didn’t have the motivation to dissuade smokers they meet to throw away their cigarettes or prevent them from lighting up. This prompted authorities to do more awareness programs on the hazard of smoking. Investigation showed that there are still public facilities that smoking remained a commonplace with internet bars, public parks and arcades are the most affected by smoking.

During the first four months of the year government agencies were able to dissuaded 55,000 people from smoking in non smoking areas, fines more than two thousand individuals along with two public facilities who failed to stop people from smoking in their area. In one of the crowded shopping centers in Dongmen, 1,000 volunteers comprised of seniors went around and started to ask people to stop smoking. A spokes person for the group said that they have been doing this since the ban was implemented.

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