1st Place 2015 YWA (Grade 8) – Terry Pi from QSI


The Sun, Ants, and Humans (tied for 1st place – Grade 8)

by Terry Pi (Grade 8 QSI)

You are the protagonist of your story. The main character. Yet, you are just one story. In the library of life, there are literally countless other tales, fables, adventures, myths and fantasies. Yet, we are glued to our own stories, our own narratives, because we are important to ourselves. Our worries and problems may seem so real to us, but they only exist within our stories. Our perspective fills life with its apparent meaning. Its the glue that keeps us sane. Without perspective, what really matters? Everything will be gibberish, raw and infinite. Here are 3 stories, three perspectives, showing the universal and different qualities of being and experience.


“Look at that, would you?” Jeffery gestured towards the wide railing.

“What?” Lydia piped.

“That ant hill!” He said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world,”Look at all of them… Running around, carrying duties and crumbs as if their lives depended on it. Don’t you find that funny? We’re so big compared to these bugs. Their worries are just non-existent to me. I could crush them with my shoes if I wanted to. So… insignificant…” Jeffery trailed off, contemplating.

The two leaned against the rocky railing, underneath their school. The small ant colony scrambled about, zigzagging lines of operations.

“Look, are you going to help me with my lines, or contemplate ant livelihoods?” Lydia broke the silence,”C’mon, I am literally freaking out here! There’s like 40 minutes left before the play begins!” She laughed a high pitched laugh, but the underlying nervousness was evident.

“Yeah. Okay,” but Jeffery kept his eyes on the dotted flurry of movement.


“Fine, which scene do you want to do?” came a bitter voice.

“Aww, don’t be like this. You know what I had to do to get here,”

“Yeah, okay,”

They started rehearsing.


Xilna the ant watched as the two human forms loomed over his colonial operation. “Let’s pick it up, ants!” He shouted.

Grunts came from several directions.

Curses. Xilna thought. Why did the Queen have to double the food demand? Whatever’s good for the colony, I guess. Xilna reflected over his long, 9-year career serving the ant colony. His glory days of being Ant Captain was over. Gone were his strong legs and in were commands shouted in fatigue. How did he climb up the ladder to become Commander of Operations again? Xilna glanced up at the boy and girl from the protrusion in the railing.

How long has it been since he last slept? Xilna swayed unsteadily.

A shout of pain from below alerted him. An ant has been injured! Xilna snapped from his worn state and rushed over to a gathering of ants. The ants recognized Xilna’s pheromones and made way. In the middle, lying flat on his thorax, lay an ant with a cut on his metasoma. He did not speak, but knelt down beside the fallen ant. Xilna recognized the ant; it was Phallax. It was no use saving him, and he didn’t even know what caused the injury. He knelt by his side, accompanying Phallax through his last moments.

Through the wound, he saw small white blood cells, trying to keep the bacterial infections at a minimum. What a boring job the white blood cells must have. He thought, they run the same old boring routines every single day. Doing the same functions every single day. What pointless lives they must lead.

After Phallax died and the medical team took his body away, Xilna ordered everybody back to work.


The only star in the solar system glowed hot plasma into the black void around it. It was becoming middle-aged, at 4.567 billion years old. Luckily, it was not alone. The planets orbited around it. In fact, everything orbited around it. One object in particular, an object called Earth, was home to life. It was a rare and fragile thing, really. The ability to reproduce, move, and feel. They came and went, one species after another, scurrying about with their lives. Life was just so small and tiny. The sun didn’t care about it really. The star would destroy the Earth in 2 billion years anyways. What did matter, anyway?

Congratulations to Terri Pi who has won a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 from Lenovo China.

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