1147: Summer in the year 2014

This year’s summer was one of my best vacations. Of course, almost all of my essays have to do with some summer vacation topic. I always write it’s the best vacation ever, and this year might or might not be true. This year in 2014, the best event I attended was when I went to UC Berkeley. There, I had lots of fun with new friends from all around the world. Last year, I went to the same program that greatly astonished me at UCLA. This program is called the Summer Institute Program for the Gifted (or SIG). If someone were to ask me to describe the program’s daily life, in one word would be enlightened.

First of all, we went to Berkeley. I was with two well-known friends; Hanson Dai, who’s an old friend, and Go Uezono. It was early in the morning and the three of us went to the Hong Kong International Airport. We said goodbye to our parents and got on the airplane. We sat together in one row for 13 hours and watched movies. The flight was awful and it made me feel disgusted. After the long airplane ride I was tremendously tired. I could not handle jet lag very well. While going through the security check, I was surprised and frightened; nearly all of the security staff members had a gun. I glanced at it and did not dare to look at it again. When we got out of the airport, we saw Hanson’s mom’s friend waiting for us. They took us to the camp registration area; we got our assigned materials and left our luggage in our rooms.

To be honest, life in Berkeley was fun. I got to meet lots of new friends, from, Canada, America, Mongolia, China, etc.  On the first day, we were all nervous and shy, but as the days past by and strangers slowly become friends, all of us weren’t shy anymore. Every weekdays, we went to classes, I picked the classes; Theories of Time Travel, Mathematical Masterpieces, Engineering in Action, and Videogames Theory and Analysis. The best class I had was Mathematical Masterpieces because we learned about math that we don’t learn in regular school. The most boring and annoying class was unfortunately, Theories of Time Travel. I slept on my first day of that class! Well, at first I thought I was bored due to the first few days of jet lag, but then a few days became everyday. This class wasn’t interesting to students, even the teacher’s assistant slept sometimes! The teacher of this class taught us about very complicated physics and we acted as if we were his co-workers. On my best day of the week, Saturdays, the whole camp went on an amazing field trip. On our first field trip, we went to Fisherman’s Warf and Union Square; there I bought lots of goods for my family. On our second Saturday we went to Six Flags, which was fun and fantastic. During these three weeks, we also had activities like, casino night, movie nights, filmmaking, talent shows, and dance night. Overall, the most interesting activity was movie nights.

Sadly, this exciting trip only lasted for three weeks. We had to say goodbye to our memorable friends. We had to leave what we created in the three weeks time. The last day of camp was the best and the worst day. On the last day, my grandmother’s friend picked us up. Then I remembered something with my friends, they liked my piano songs’ very much. On the last night at camp my two friends cried a lot.

“One more time Marco, please play it one more time” they cried.

“Ok, I’ll do it” I answered.

Yes indeed that was one of the most memorable dialogues I’ve ever had. For the sake of my friends and myself, I softly played the song once more to my friends. Then I was in the airport and said goodbye to my grandmother’s friend. Again we suffered jet lag after we got off the plane. When we arrived at the Hong Kong International airport, Go’s mom picked us up and we went back to Shenzhen. I remember that Go’s mom asked us the questions that people usually ask us in this situation.

In Japanese, she asked, “Did you guys have fun?”

“Yes we did.” I answered with a lowly tone.

When I arrived home, I was so exhausted and tired that I couldn’t even open my eyes, I left my stuff, didn’t unpack and went straight to bed.

This year in UC Berkeley was one of the best events of my life. The Summer Institute Program for the Gifted truly gave me a wonderful memory. The thing that we all created in SIG was actually a huge memorable relationship, not a normal relationship, but a relationship that someone would never be affected or get again. The people that we met at SIG camp, we might not be able to see them ever again. This experience taught all of us that you have to earnest, respect, enjoy, and cherish the time you still have with these people and the memories made.

The End.

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