1006: Twenty Years After

Twenty years ago, our father sent us out to three different cities throughout ‘Merica. My older brother was sent to Boston, my younger brother was sent to Philadelphia, and I was sent to New York. Michael, my older brother was always a brash and cocky boy. Tyler on the other hand was a stereotypically precocious kid. I was nothing like either one of them. Before we left our hamlet in Oregon, the three of us declared a pact. A pact that would reunite us back at home, the same place twenty years after.

Boston, from the very beginning, was a land of higher education. Philly, a unpretentious city of historical lineage. New York, you ask? A worldly metropolis of financial might. I remember renting a red Chevelle Sport for a couple of days to take a spin around home. I was the first of the three to arrive home, but before I parked the car, I looked at my father’s grave from the side window making me rewind some of my old memories. I was cut off however, by a loud neighboring truck. Behind the truck followed a car, although it took me a couple of seconds to figure, but here they are. Both of them.

They got out of the car, walked over to the bonfire that I was building and sat down on separate benches. I took the final bench, sat down, and glanced at the two. Michael was wearing his worn out Boston University sweater while Tyler was dressed nicely in a fine Armani cut, “I’ve missed you brother, same goes for you Tyler”, I said in my Noo Yawk brawl. “Howayah brother. But heck, you got’cha self a new accent and look”, Michael chuckled.  ”Yeah, absolutely”, the three of us laughed, and that went on for the rest of the evening.

We were all somewhat different, I know for one thing that I’ve become more of an assertive person. I guess it’s just different being in New York, nothing ever slows down, it’s Fast and Furious the second you get there. Nonetheless, I’ve long outgrown the rawness of being there.

Tyler apparently went on being a lawyer, which reasonably explains why he’s been acting so courteous and organized since he’s gotten back.  Tyler being a lawyer wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, he could’ve been something greater, part of a bigger picture like Dad had previously hoped for.  But Tyler explained to me how he was a ‘Philadelphia Lawyer’, or an exceptional lawyer who knows the most detailed and minute points of law. He was all over us about it. Later on when Tyler was showing us a couple of short clips on some of his victorious lawsuits,  I had been crying deep down in my heart, seeing that he’s now a grown man and living his own life. I remember when we were much younger, Tyler and Michael didn’t get along all that well, but apparently their friendship has been restored since they’ve caught up with each other. It’s one thing I often see movies and books. Siblings just don’t always go too well together.

Michael worked as a personal trainer, hence his lean muscles. He had quite a long story, he told us he had originally interned at Google after graduating from Boston University as a Noogler. But failed to secure himself a position because he was too stubborn and adamant about certain things. He ran off track when he had gotten drunk one day and attacked a police officer, he was sent to a correctional facility. There he didn’t go along well with the inmates. Fortunately, he was there for a relatively short duration because he had been playing his side well enough to convince the warden to set him free. Once he was out, he landed on his new job as a trainer until he finds another job. And I suppose the correction center was what deserted his pompousness, it’s a good thing really.

But what about our father? We each had our own specific needs and aspired to flourish. With leaving home being the only option, our father acquiesced. But he was also a hapless victim of a brain hemorrhage, setting a permanent border between us.

All three of us have changed dramatically over the course of twenty years. Our looks, accents, character and most importantly our identity. Our father directed us towards different directions, creating different influences on our lives and nature, making each and every one of who we are today.

The End.

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