1203: Farside of Jupiter

When I opened my eyes I sense an extreme pain from my left leg and my head. I struggled to sit up, dust clouds glimmering and vast, flowing outside of the window.

I’ve been working on this spacecraft for three years, orbiting around Jupiter and its satellites collecting samples and data. At first I worked with extreme passion and felt honorable for having this job, but after the first few months drowning in excitement I found it boring to be staring at the same dust clouds every day.

Someone opened the door and stopped my thoughts.

“Max, are you feeling all right? A floating rock penetrated your space suit. You should be glad that you are at the transitioning area or else you would be dead by now.” Lauren said with her eyes staring outside of the window. I can see the reflection of the stars shining in her eye.

Every one needs a partner to survive in places like Jupiter. It’s not only that they will give you a hand when you’re in danger, but also to talk to you so you won’t be bored to death. I wonder would I still be mentally healthy if I was isolated for three years: I may become an philosopher or insane, or both since some says they’re the same.

“I don’t know how much time do we have” she says, her voice shivers “I wish to see my parents once again. I haven’t even had a chance to make up with them, to payback what they’ve gave me. ”

My thoughts are a bit twisted since I don’t exactly know what happened.

Her eyes are fixed on the ring of Jupiter, like that she is not talking to me but to herself. “Something quickly moving is detected roughly 0.4 light years away from us, and it’s moving towards the solar system.”

“What could it be? An meteorite or an alien spaceship come to claim their ownership of earth?” I made up a terrible joke to try to make her relax.

“ It’s what scientists called  “Mass Point”, a universal scale weapon consistently used in space battle. It’s little and it’s made with substances that we human don’t know yet. Do you know what happens when a thing is speed up to the speed of light, don’t you.

Of course I know, it’s mass will become infinite.

“And if it strikes the Sun, it will penetrate the Sun and cause it to explode. Despite Mars and Mercury and Venus, Earth will have no chance of surviving. And as Sun’ gravity disappear, the entire Solar system collapse, a cheap way to erase the existence of an undeveloped civilization.”

“Why would they do so? I mean the Aliens who send the strike.”

Before she even answers, I’ve got an answer in my head.

In university I used to study Universal Sociology, it’s a theory class aiming to figure out what’s the relationship between different civilizations in the universe. The most satisfying answer is also the cruelest one: Two civilizations will probably never become friends without a fight.

 In universal scale what’s exactly on a planet is hard to see, so when civilization A detects civilization B, A will not know if B is aggressive. Two civilizations can be as far as hundreds of light years away, so A will not even know the level of technology of B since what they’ve seen is the B hundreds of years ago. Same from B’ angle to A.

No civilizations will understand each other without a contact due to different language, culture, even the basic elements that made up their body. As long as A’ planet is spotted, it’s under the threat of B’ attack, and the simplest way to remove the threat is to strike B first.

My body paralyzed, but I’ve decided to put on a smile and said:“ We still have a few years to live.”

It’s true. After approximately 5 days the Sun will explode, and our spaceship will be at the back of Jupiter. Jupiter will block most of the explosion and we can fix the ship there. The food storage will keep us survive for a few years.

Then human race will come to it’s extinction.

The End.

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