313: How A Hamburger Changed My Life

It was a foggy afternoon; actually it was a nice and sunny day. As you might think I am outdoors enjoying nature, I am actually in my room playing videogames and everything a normal teenager would do. I feel like my life is a jigsaw puzzle, I need to find the correct pieces to know what I am supposed to do for this world. Right now I am just a teen doing teen stuff.

If I had to describe myself I would say I am this quiet teen who doesn’t really care about what I do to the environment; the government says throw your garbage in the garbage can, but what if I threw my melted ice cream into the garbage can and it missed, would I want to pick the melted ice cream and make my hands sticky. I also forget to turn off the tap every time I wash my hands, and it’s not my fault I have a bad memory. For your information I do not suck at everything, I am one of the best drivers in a virtual car game; all my opponents stare as I cross the finish line.

“Honey, it’s time for dinner and don’t forget to wash your hands” my mom said as I was just about to shift gears on my Ferrari. “It’s not even dark” I replied. She replied back to me “well, stop playing your car game and look outside and tell me if it’s dark or not”. I turned my head to the window and as usual my mom was correct. The rest went like this: I paused my game, I opened the tap, washed my hands, and ran downstairs.

“Honey, don’t run and your hamburger is on the table” said my mom as she saw me running down the staircase. OH NO! My mom makes the worst hamburgers in the world and maybe even in the universe. I scanned around the place looking for something that will save me from this situation. As usual the garbage can was there!

I told my mom that I ate my hamburger and volunteered to throw the trash out for her. I went outside and dumped the garbage into the garbage can, and came back in “like a boss”. Suddenly I heard someone eating something really loud. The sound he or she made was really annoying so I looked outside and saw a guy with torn clothes and no shoes. He was eating my mom’s hamburger as it was the best food on earth.

Then I realized, he was a very hungry homeless person who would eat anything that he could find, even if he found it inside the garbage can. This man was eating from the garbage can, and I refused to eat a warm and loving meal made for me by my loving mother. I realized I should be happy with what I have and I should not throw away food. I decided to ask him what he was doing. I went outside again.

The poor man was surprised when he saw me come out. I asked him “excuse me sir, but could you tell me why you’re eating my mom’s hamburger the worst thing in the world”? He replied to me “my boy nothing in this world is bad, when you are poor and have no food like me sometimes the worst thing will taste like the best thing”. “Thank you sir” I said, and checked my pocket for some money I could give to this poor guy. I found 2 dollars and gave it to him and went back inside.

I was so mad at myself for throwing away my food; I just took off to my room. That man showed me what I was doing all these years wasting food. I decided to stop my bad behavior and from this second onwards I will not waste food. I will always put my garbage in the garbage can. Most importantly I will turn off the tap every time.

I felt proud of myself for trying to be a better person. It was then that I heard running water. I FORGOT TO TURN OF THE TAP! I ran to the tap and stopped it from wasting any more water; a new puzzle piece found.

The End.

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