3rd Place 2015 YWA (Grade 8) – Justin Kivitz from QSI


The Different Ponts of Views

by Justin Kivitz

As I was standing there next to the bus stop, I said hi to the same people everyday: that left at the same time as me, and take the same bus as me. I waited for the bus to come and take me to work that day, like every other day. The bus was coming towards me, except it wasn’t slowing down. I wanted to jump out of the way but the bus was going too fast for my mind to process what to do next. As the bus was about to hit me, I thought about the different things that I could have told other people. Told my friends and families things I wish I told them before. Like a simple, “Come home soon,” or a “Have a great day.”

Driving from one stop to another, picking up different people; teachers, scientist, businessmen, students, just another normal day. I was driving up to the bus stop when the car in front of me suddenly stopped. I had to slam on the brakes. The bus swerved out of the way of the car, glad that neither I nor the driver of the car collided, not injuring whoever was in there. Then I tried to stop the bus but the brakes stopped working causing the bus to keep on driving. It was impossible to stop the bus from tilting sideways, falling over and skidding to a stop. Just when I thought it was over, the bus hit someone; or something.

I went to my favorite coffee shop to get my usual breakfast, a plain bagel with a hot coffee. That’s when I noticed that there was a lot of traffic that morning. I was walking down the same street I usually do, going at the same time I usually do. Everything was the same until I saw a bus swerving around a car. It turned sideways and kept going towards a bus stop. I assumed something happened with the bus as it tilted sideways. It kept sliding towards the bus stop where people were standing. People started running out of the way when I saw this guy frozen in place. He looked scared and he didn’t seem to know what to do. I could have done something like yell at him to get to move but I didn’t do anything.

I sat in the back like I usually did. It was just the driver and me on the bus. Just when I saw the bus stop ahead, the bus swerved around and tilted sideways. What was the bus driver doing? As we were sliding down the street, I saw someone just standing in front of the bus stop as if he were waiting for the bus to hit him. The bus was moving really quickly on its side when we must have hit the person for I heard a loud thump.

There I was going to my new job when I got lost. I didn’t know where to go so I kept walking straight when I ended up on a different street. Wherever I was, I had to find my way back quickly because I didn’t want to be late for work. I walked over to a  guy standing at a bus stop because I wanted to ask him where I was and how I could get back. As I waled towards the guy, I saw a bus sliding towards us on its side. Quickly, I jumped out of the way so I wouldn’t get hit when I saw a man was still standing there, as if a deer would when in front of headlights. Then the bus hit him knocking him on to his side. It was my fault for not doing anything.

Things will be seen differently for every person because people will see them all in a different perspective. Depending on the perspective,  the cause of the event will usually be different for the person. Usually, people will get to the same conclusion to blame one person or one thing. For the bus driver, the cause was the car that stopped suddenly in front of the bus. For the  person who got hit, the cause was the bus driver. For the guy standing next to the person when he was about to get hit by the bus, he blamed himself for not helping the person who got injured and left out the bus driver as the cause. So no matter what, almost every event will be seen in a different perspective yet the conclusion will usually be the same.

The End.


Congratulations to Justin Kivitz who has won a Pizza Party for his class and an Airbac Backpack sponsored by Airbac and DVpizza.com.

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