854: The Plane Crash

“Ladies and Gentleman we are experiencing some turbulence so please fasten your seat belts. Thank you,” the captain said over the intercom.

After I put my seat belt on. The old man beside me said: “Why do you stop? Keep telling that story.”“ Sorry, where are we now?”

“The part you broke your hands.” “What’s your name again, my memory is really bad?” The old man said.

“I’m Steve” I replied.

Suddenly I heard something hit the plane. I looked out from my little window and find that there is something wrong with the engine. There are smoke running out of it. The wing was also began bouncing up and down just like it’s about to snap. Everyone was scare of this situation but what they really afraid is what will happen next. I keep say to myself everything is fine.

But just after that, our worse night mare happened. The intercom turned on, “This is your captain speaking. We’ll have to make an emergency landing right now.” I knew we were going down or as it felt like my stomach was rising to my head. The plane started rattling and I could hear people crying behind me. The noise was so loud that it sounded like a rumbling earth quake.

The oxygen masks fell from the roof. I grabbed my mask and put it over my head, as I could feel the pressure building up. I turned to look beside me to find an old man struggling to get his mask on. I reached out and helped to put the strap over his head. The air hostess ladies were running around trying to help people with their oxygen masks and calming them down.

I was just sitting there staring at the floor thinking about my family, my friends. I hope it was just a dream even though I knew it wasn’t. As I looked up I saw the old man looking at a photo in his phone of him and his wife and a tear ran down his face. The plane dropped for a second. I felt sick. We were sitting there panicking about what will happen.

I could see the ground out the window and saw the ground rushing towards us. It was scary sitting there having nothing to do about this and hoping the pilot can save us. We all did. I had never been so scared in all my life, thinking I was going to die. Bang!!! The hard impact threw me forwards into the seat in front of me. The front of the plane was being stripped away from the body as we bounced across the rocky earth. Finally the plane came to a stop and there was almost complete silence. The crying, screaming and rumbling of the plane had come to an end.

When I wake up, there is fire everywhere, injured people moaning loudly, the wreckage of the plane spreading on the ground, the plane had crash in a forest. As I stepped out of the wreckage, it become like a survival mission to me. Either live, or die and I wasn’t about to die in a hurry. I was one of the lucky ones, unlike the old man that I tried to help beside me who was lost in the crash. I came out with only a couple of cuts and grazes, some of the others have to survive with far worse injures. My thoughts at the moment are….where are we and are how we can get out of here.

We gathered all of the survivors and try to rescue some of the people that are tuck in the wreck. We all decided to that stay beside the wreckage and using the wreckage as a shelter tonight. When the dark falls, we can heard something in the dark walking around the plane. We all gather in a piece of airplane that is still in structure to wait till the sun comes up. I decided to sleep because it’s better to preserve my strength to tomorrow.

When I was sleeping, I felt something dropping on my face and I wake up. I though it’s just water and I want to keep sleeping. Then I smelled the smell of oil. I suddenly realize it’s not water, it’s the fuel of the plane. I get up and the fire is still going. Just about when I want to call the other, I heard something explode. I didn’t even have the time to run. I thought I’m going to die, and then the whole wreckage we sleep in explodes and I lost my consciousness.

Suddenly I wake up, found myself on a seat in a plane. “Thanks god” I said to myself. It’s just a horrible dream. While I’m calming myself down from the dream, the intercom turns on something wired happened.

“Ladies and Gentleman we are experiencing some turbulence so please fasten your seat belts. Thank you,” the captain said over the intercom.

The End.

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