Decommissioned Checkpoints to be Dismantled to Free Up Land for Development

Decommissioned Checkpoints to be Dismantled to Free Up Land for DevelopmentThe city is planning to dismantle at least 16 checkpoints originally separating Shenzhen Special Economic Zone from the rest of mainland China. These decommissioned checkpoints sometimes slow traffic and lead to traffic jams. These checkpoints are considered a holdover for residents and cargo were subjected to inspection before entering the city even if the checkpoints haven’t been used for so many years.

The 84.6 kilometerlong border was created in 1982 after the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. And these 16 checkpoints are located in Futian, Luohu, Nanshan, Yantian, Longgang and Bao’an districts. Several checkpoints such as Nantou, Meilin and Buji checkpoints came under criticism for crating traffic jams especially during rush hours. Based on the plans all facilities blocking traffic at these checkpoints will be scheduled for dismantling.

The deputy chief of the planning department of the Shenzhen transportation commission Li Yunyuan stated that some pipelines at Nantou Checkpoint that links the National Highway 107, Beihuan Boulevard and Shennan Boulevard will be relocated. This existence of the checkpoints facilities is considered a waste of land resources and causes traffic jams. The city started to improve its traffic at Meilin Checkpoint in 2013 even when under public criticism about the traffic created by the checkpoint.

By removing the Meilin, Buji, Nantou and Tongle checkpoints will free up 257,000 square meters of land that can be used for development. Public transportation and some public facilities such as schools, sports grounds, hospitals and parks will be constructed on the freed up land. Last May 2010, the State Council has approved the expansion of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone which will include Longgang and Bao’an district to the Special economic zone.

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