China Increases the Number of Employment Sectors that can Qualify for Green Cards

China Increases the Number of Employment Sectors that can Qualify for Green CardsChina will be increasing the number of employment sectors that can qualify a foreigner to have a permanent residency better known as a green card. The new sectors will include some government affiliated institutes, research and scientific centers. According to the Ministry of Public Security the added sectors will also include State laboratories, research and engineering centers, technology centers of key companies and all foreign funded research and development centers.

Foreigners who are working as vice professors, researchers or above that have at least four years of work experience and lived for three years in China and have good tax records can apply for permanent residency permits at any local entry and exit management department. Eligible candidates can file applications at municipal level public security department. Foreigners that gain permanent residency will enjoy the same rights as Chinese citizens which include investment rights, access to schools and home purchasing rights.

The plan is to attract more top level overseas talent to work and live in China. By imposing such measures will be an essential role in attracting high level foreigners including Chinese working overseas. Released in 2004, the green card policy provides permanent residency to all high end foreigners, people who made significant contributions to the society and people with huge investments in China.

Once the green card is issued, foreigners can reside in China indefinitely and enter and exit just using a passport and the green card since visas are not required for its holder. In 2013 around 5,000 foreigners got their green cards which is a small number compared with the 600,000 foreigners who are living in China.

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