Outbound Mergers and Acquisitions to get More Private Investors

Outbound Mergers and Acquisitions to get More Private InvestorsA lot more Chinese private equity and financial investors are participating in Chinese outbound mergers and acquisitions in the United Kingdom that has significantly grew in recent years at a fast paced speed. The trend was recently discussed during the second China Britain Investment and Partnership Forum in London an event organized by DealGlobe a platform for digital mergers and acquisitions based in London

As key Chinese acquisitions in the UK are still being done by manufacturing and service industry with companies looking to get overseas technology and market, a number of them is increasing and are already done with participating in specialist financial companies from venture capital and private equity funds as joint investors. Because private equity and other financial investors have more knowledge of the local market and have better access to information and networks and knowhow of doing post merger acquisitions strategies, thus their participation is vital to all deals.

Growth of Chinese inbound M&A into a UK created a vibrant market of consultants, agents and bankers on deals that connect investors with the right target. The growth of such target market prompted the creation of DealGlobe in which they provide a platform for those serving both target firms and investors in connecting with each other. DealGlobe was founded in 2014 and has 40 workers in which half is based in China and the remaining half is in London. The company hopes to serves small and medium enterprises by using professional staff and to understand both western and Chinese markets to create deals in becoming successful.

The growth of Chinese inbound M&A into the UK has also created a vibrant market of consultants, bankers and other agents on deals who help to connect investors with suitable targets.

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