Shenzhen to Lower Roadside Parking Fees in Underused Areas

Shenzhen to Lower Roadside Parking Fees in Underused AreasShenzhen is planning to lower the fees for all underused roadside parking spaces, as authorities brings in another change into the controversial parking system. Areas in Longgang and Bao’an districts might see reduced fees in its roadside parking.

During a activity last Wednesday authorities invited residents to experience roadside parking and they saw that the roads in remote areas are underused and drivers where even parking without paying fees. And as the transport center is getting resident feedback through these experience activities and they may likely change the parking rules based on the opinion of the residents. One resident who participated recommended that drivers should be given a text message warning before they will be faced with a 500 yuan parking fine. As of the moment drivers are obligated to finish paying the fine using a phone app within ten minutes, if they failed to do so the 500 yuan fine will be implemented.

The parking app has 655,000 users and so far illegal parking has decreased. Furthermore the traffic management center will refund roadside parking fees to drivers who are using new energy vehicles since they will be enjoying an hour of free roadside parking everyday if based on the new rulings. Based on the new ruling the center will charge the driver of these new energy vehicles first them offer the refund later since it will be hard for parking officers to tell a new energy vehicle from fuel powered ones.

The center is hard at work together with the police in creating special registration for all new energy vehicles, and based on the registrations system these vehicles will have different license plates that the fueled powered ones. The regulation states that a new energy vehicle can park for free for one hour everyday this will allow the driver to save 15 yuan a day in roadside parking.

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