Alibaba Looks into Russian Market to Expand E-commerce Business

Alibaba Looks into Russian Market to Expand E-commerce BusinessJack Ma the founder and chairman of Alibaba China’s e-commerce giant said that he is seeing a promising development in the online trading market in Russia even if they currently have one employee working in Russia, Aliexpress has become the most visited e-commerce website in the country. Introduced in 2010, Aliexpress is allowing smaller buyers from around the world to purchase items in small quantities at wholesale prices. Plus Aliexpress quick expansion in Russia is proving to be a huge potential and the demand from consumers in the country.

Furthermore the company is planning to invest in human resources and technology to help expand the business in Russia and assist Russian enterprises in selling its products to China and to different parts of the world. Ma attended the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum I Russia and was able to have talks with Russian officials in the different issues that concern the e-commerce trade. They were able to discuss further the future of the development e-commerce together with the Communications Ministry and Economic Development Ministry. Both parties talked on the development of small and medium enterprises and the whole Russian market. Discussions were also made on how to make the quickest cross border delivery from China to Russia.

Ma expresses and hopes that the development of the e-commerce trade in Russia will bring in more opportunities to small and medium enterprises and further improve any relevant infrastructure. Being one of the successful of e-commerce companies in China, Alibaba will be able to share to its Russian partners experiences and management in operations especially in the internet and e-commerce development.

There are also opportunities for both the Chinese and Russian enterprises in the big data era together with the internet revolution but it will be bringing in challenges and opportunities for every country as this is the time for developing and this will able underdeveloped countries and regions to catch up. The development for e-commerce is a way to change the current global trade system in a more open one.

The China Belt and Road initiative might even help break the trade barriers as routs will be used in efficient ways ans will bring tangible benefits to participating nations.

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