China to Strengthen Supervision of Air Pollution Control Efforts

China to Strengthen Supervision of Air Pollution EffortsChina is strengthening its supervision of the air pollution control efforts and is requiring a timely release of the city assessment data that is based on the second draft of new regulations. 16 of the 161 major cities have reached the national standards of air quality last year and the standards are requiring cities to improve its assessments of their performance on air pollution and to strengthen its role in achieving a short term pollution abatement goals.

The drafted amendment of the Air Pollution Law that was sent to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee for a second reading stated that the central government is conducting assessments of provincial level governments and in turn will assess their cities and release its results to the public. These city governments should report their results annually in reaching their short term goals to the local people’s congress. So far the ministry has suspended five cities that failed the assessment process, the first step required was for governments to launch projects after which they didn’t reach their goals last year.

The leading regulation to curb air pollution which is the Law on Air Pollution Control and Prevention contains several comprehensive measures that target various sources of air contaminants. Exhaust from vehicles and vessels will face tougher restrictions in the draft and ships and vessels are required to use standard diesel fuel as part of the efforts to cut emissions.

In 2013 around 8 percent of the national sulfur dioxide emissions and 11 percent of nitrogen oxide came from ships and vessels exhaust. Based on the draft ships at berth should operate on land bases power that is provided by the ports, plus ports both new and existing should be equipped with these power facilities. And to cope up with the increase in the number of vehicles, local governments will be imposing driving restrictions to lower air pollution, but public opinion is sought first.

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