Tourism Industry Plans Better Domestic Tour Packages for the Elderly

Tourism Industry Plans Better Domestic Tour Packages for the ElderlyThe tourism industry in China is cashing in on the seniors market only if it puts together better domestic tour packages for the elderly. Recent figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics is showing that the number of Chinese residents aged 60 and above is now at 202 million in 2013, and by 2050 the number is expected to double to 400 million.

This will allow the tourism industry to open new opportunities for the domestic tourism sector that is already booming. Last year alone the revenue for internal tourism has reached 3.1 trillion yuan, a 16 percent increase compared to 2013. For this year the revenue s expected to hit 3.6 trillion yuan. In order for the tourism industry to attract seniors, travel agencies need to improve their services and dole out more creative deals.

This will open up new opportunities for the domestic tourism sector, which is already booming. Last year, revenue from internal tourism was 3.1 trillion yuan ($500 billion), a 16.7 percent increase compared with 2013, according to the China Tourism Academy. This year the academy is expecting the revenue to hit 3.6 trillion yuan.

Although some elderly tourists are complaining on the poor quality of services that travel agencies give due to low prices that safety standards are sometimes ignored and healthcare is rarely covered by the price. Now travel agencies are doing a makeover to the travel packages for the elderly, as agencies agree that the middle aged and elderly are starting to become their main customers and survey showed that 93 percent of these middle aged and elderly are planning trips this year and will be spending more money compared to younger tourists.

Most of the elderly prefer to travel during Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, summer vacations and during the Double Nine Festival. In order to expand to this market, agencies will be launching a series of products that is designed for elderly clients and already saw booking double for the month of May compared to the month of April.

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