New Energy Project to Charge Electric Vehicles Wirelessly

New Energy Project to Charge Electric Vehicles WirelesslyDue to the efforts of ZTE, the company eventually simplified the charging process and electric vehicles gets a big boost as it will allow these electric vehicles to be charged wirelessly while being parked in special parking spaces. Plus the fleet of electric buses in Shenzhen will get the benefit.

The city will be asking the three biggest bus conglomerates and hopes that the project will soon be carried out. Within a year ZTE will be rolling out a wireless charging stations in 100 Chinese cities. There are similar technologies are being used in the United Kingdom, South Korea and Germany that are used to power public buses. ZTE’s technology allows the vehicles to be charged wirelessly using transmission devices that are implanted in the ground. ZTE explores cutting edge technology and the company specializes in optimizing wireless charging for electric buses.

Public buses will have an electromagnetic receiver to the bottom of the vehicles and will use electromagnetic transmission. Private cars and taxis will benefit in the research since ZTE New Energy will have wireless charging devices that is designed for the private car market fitting all kinds of vehicles from electric to hybrids. These vehicles will be charges at modified parking places of garages.

In 2009, ZTE started the wireless charging research and in the past five years, the investment in the research has increased to hundreds of millions of yuan. Then in 2014 around 74,700 new energy vehicles and 45,000 electric vehicles were sold in China a 400 and 300 percent increase compared to 2013.

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