Ban on Live Poultry Sales Met with Complaints from Sellers

Ban on Live Poultry Sales Met with Complaints from SellersAs the ban on live poultry sales was launched in response to the fears on bird flu virus was met will distaste from sellers who are complaining on the drop in their sales of live birds. Yesterday a stall in Xiangmei wet market in Futian started selling frozen poultry from an ice cream refrigerator had four customers buying chicken.

According to the seller the customers are regular buyers and are living nearby, he also said that he sold around 20 frozen chickens but used to sell around 40 to 50 live chickens before the ban. Even with the government regulations and ban on live poultry took effect in Futian for a year now, live poultry are still being sold in the neighborhood. Some sellers tend to hide the live chickens inside stores and will only take them out if a customer asks for one.the seller also pointed out a government supported store that sells frozen chickens but has been closed for more than a month.

Whether the ban affects the everyday life of a resident or not, it seems to be based if they are from northern China or southern China. Residents from northern China never purchase live chickens compared to Cantonese residents who prefer to buy live ones as they believe that live chickens are more delicious. In 2014 a trial ban on live poultry sales was done in Futian and three other districts. Luohu, Yantian and Nanshan joined the ban in April but sellers complain on unclear guidelines and enforcement was poor.

The new ban will include new districts including Bao’an, Longgang, Pingshan, Guangming, Longhua and Dapeng new areas. But thirteen subdistricts will not be included in the ban which brought relief to some sellers. Poultry sellers in Guangming and Longgan will be refunded around 90 percent of the money they will spend in purchasing freezers and allowances reaching 24,000 yuan will be given to those switching to live poultry to frozen ones.


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