Changes Done to Planned Metro Line 8 to Help Ease Traffic

Changes Done to Planned Metro Line 8 to Help Ease TrafficAlthough the Shenzhen Metro Group did not confirm any reports on a plan that is being drafted to change the starting point of the Metro line 8 from the World Trade Center in Louhu to Yantian Road in Yantian. The new route of Metro Line 8 is hoped to solve bottlenecks that causes heavy traffic in eastern Shenzhen during weekends and holidays. Metro Line 8 is still in the planning stages will extend from Meisha to Kuichong Transport Terminal in Dapeng, the Metro Line will be 32 kilometers long and has 12 stations including an underground station

Furthermore the Shekou line is extended eastward from the present Xinxiu Station in Luohu to Yantian Port passing through the future Liantiang Checkpoint, Liantang, Xianhu, Shatoujiao and Wutong Mountain. The Shekou line will have four stations added to the extension ans a line linking Yantian with Futian, Luohu and Nanshan will have an interchange station at Line 8 in Yantian Road Station.

Line 8 will be using maglev technology but is currently drawing protests from residents living in Shatoujiao and Liantang areas. According to the new plan the extension of Shekou Line will be done underground and will be costly and work will start by July 2016 and will last for five years. During the Sixth Party Congress in Shenzhen representatives in Yantian is calling for the speeding up of the construction of Line 8 to solve the traffic congestion in the eastern side of the city.

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