U.S. Medical School to Assist Shenzhen Hospital in Building Trauma and Critical Care Center

U.S. Medical School to Assist Shenzhen Hospital in Building Trauma and Critical Care CenterTo help build a modern trauma and critical care center a hospitals in Shenzhen in Nanshan signed a cooperation deal with a U.S. medical school. The Shenzhen Sixth People’s Hospital will be sending a team of doctors, nurses and administrators to the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California to be trained at their trauma center and intensive care unit in the next two years. The University of Southern California will also be sending medical professionals to the Shenzhen Sixth People’s Hospital to help improve hospital services.

The partnership there will be a selected group of trauma and emergency medicine team that will be spending time in Shenzhen to help guide, reorganize, restructuring of the hospital trauma program. Senior vice president and CEO of the Keck School Thomas Jackeiwicz, that they will be sharing protocols, techniques and best practices that will provide high quality care to severely ill patients and also provide support and direction to the Nanshan Hospitals as it build its trauma center.  Nanshan Hospital is setting aside 4,000 square meters of its new building for it trauma and critical care center and will aim to increase the number of its intensive care units to 200.

The Keck School of Medicine is an internationally known leader in academic and research and clinical excellence which includes a renowned medical school that is one of the first eight original comprehensive cancer centers in the United States. Currently the Keck School of Medicine ranks third in USC’s Trauma and emergency treatment center in the U.S. medical services.

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