Charity Groups Gather Together to Sort Items for Donations

Charity Groups Gather Together to Sort Items for DonationsLast Saturday from 10 am until 4 pm at a charity event in Shekou, more than 30 volunteers from different charities and helped in packing and sorting of donations that filled three trucks in to be sent to Yunnan, Nepal and Changsha. The event was organized by the International Recycling Ngo (IRNGO) that was also supported by N+ community plus members coming from other charity groups in Shenzhen.

Founded by Sebastien Bougeois in France in 2012 when his friend gave him a bag of toys for his daughter. But he saw that he was given to many but didn’t want to throw the toys away. the charity receives donations of excess production from factories such as toys and clothes item that would be thrown away and is gathered to help the poor people. A of now the charity has 70 members with six of them developing their website and they have also close connections to various companies and organizations. The donated clothes will be shipped to charities that IRNGO learned through a charity fair in China.

The activity was joined and supported by founders and members of different groups and help look for locations and volunteers to be at the event. N+ Community is a culture and language community in Shekou that aims to assist foreigners to adapt to local life and to coordinate variety of charities.

A volunteer from last Saturday event said these charity groups help each other, one volunteer from Captivating International which raises funds for children facing poverty brought along her son to help. According to Bourgeois he spends 90 percent of his time in managing the charity group.

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